Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Let's talk about allergies for a moment...

So, BM has been on a hateful warpath again and despite the fact that I have been very carefully crafting a new post for the past several weeks, I wanted to put this new find out there, just to clear a few things up.

So, this new post was sent to me this afternoon...

Firstly? Let's talk about how the conversation with Kid went in real life, not tainted by a ten-year-old...

She talked about wanting a bird. She told us that a neighbor had a bird that might be breeding it in the near future and that she wanted one of them. We spent a great deal of time talking about birds and how annoying they can be as pets and I then went on to tell her about the many birds I had as pets as a child and said I'd love to have one again. She asked if we could get one and I told her that her daddy didn't like birds and that if she ever moved in with us, I'd get her one.

A few days later, Kid was snuggling with my dog. The dog that she literally rubs her face on constantly with absolutely not even a little reaction. The dog that she begs to sleep with every night. The dog that she isn't allergic to. While snuggling with my dog, she said that she wished she could have a dog and I again told her that we didn't have the time to take care of another dog at the moment, but if she ever moved in with us, that might be a reason to get another (because secretly, I want another dog, and that would give me a reason to get one.)

Just to make it clear, I didn't say "OMG YOU NEED TO MOVE IN WITH US BECAUSE I'LL BUY YOU A BIRD AND A DOG!" It was a musing about something that probably was never going to happen, which is fine with me, because it saves me money and time. It was an offhanded comment that was never pressed or discussed much further than that (barring for the couple of times Kid asked if the offer still stood a few days later). And you know what? I was telling the truth. If she moves in with us, I see no reason that she shouldn't be allowed to have pets as a means to teach her responsibility and life. She should be able to have a pet and know that kind of love and joy.

Also? I just want to clarify that we have taken her to three different doctors in the last thirteen months who have told us point blank every time that she does not have asthma. I don't know why you are clutching on to the fact that she has it or why you can't just let it go, but there are no allergic issues with the dog in our house or any other dogs that we have seen her spend any length of time with (including, but not limited to, her grandma's THREE dogs, our friend's TWO dogs, and ALL THE DOGS IN THE WORLD at the dog park we took her to several times this year AND last year). I also know that I have personally seen her medical records dating back quite far and seen no documentation citing hospitalization due to allergic/asthmatic issues. Perhaps there were medical appointments, but really, there have been so many for such a cavalcade of issues (real or imagined) that it's hard to find THAT needle in the haystack.

Maybe she did have allergic issues with dogs and other animals at the age of four, or MAYBE it was an allergy to something in the environment where you lived? The state you were living in at the time is well known for containing many elements that cause allergic issues in people young and old. As I said, in the last several years, I've seen her encounter MANY dogs with no reaction at all whatsoever. Not even a little erythema or pruritis that would call for medicating, let alone hospitalization. Nothing.

Or maybe (and this is MY guess, after several years of studying skin and anatomy) physiology and evolution worked like they're supposed to and she's developed (as most people do) a resistance to common allergens after being subjected to them many times over the years from friends, family, or public areas. This might suggest that she would be able to happily live with a pet (who should be carefully selected, just to be safe, so as to prevent any allergic issues. There are hypoallergenic dogs now, you know.)

Perhaps you can try communication prior to jumping right to being hateful and posting on groups for women who have actual, real-life issues. We're not terrible people. We want to communicate with you and make Kid's life easier, why don't you?

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